Women’s Hooded Denim Dress



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Finally available in our store! We’ve been looking forward to the opportunity to distribute the Women’s Hooded Denim Dress through our store because it will certainly become one of our hottest products. And now, it’s finally possible.

Here’s what will make you so excited about this offer:

  • Top product quality because we’ve sourced from the most reputed manufacturers in the industry
  • Competitive price – we did our best to make the Hooded Denim Dress cost as favorable as possible for our buyers
  • Appealing range of variations; therefore, feel free to choose any Color and Size you fancy

If you want to learn more, then meet the Women’s Hooded Denim Dress features you’ll adore!


Material: Polyester, Cotton
Gender: Women
Collar: Hooded

Size S M L XL 2XL 3XL 4XL 5XL
Shoulder (cm / inch) 39 / 15.35 40 / 15.75 42 / 16.54 43 / 16.93 45 / 17.72 47 / 18.50 50 / 19.69 52 / 20.47
Bust (cm / inch) 106 / 41.73 111 / 43.70 116 / 45.67 121 / 47.64 129 / 50.79 139 / 54.72 149 / 58.66 159 / 62.60
Sleeve Length (cm / inch) 65 / 25.59 66 / 25.98 67 / 26.38 68 / 26.77 70 / 27.56 72 / 28.35 74 / 29.13 76 / 29.92
Front Length (cm / inch) 75 / 29.53 76 / 29.92 77 / 30.31 78 / 30.71 79 / 31.10 80 / 31.50 81 / 31.89 82 / 32.28

Furthermore, you can enjoy our convenient payment options and super appealing US $24.36 price of the Hooded Denim Dress! Thus, it’s no wonder this product has proven to be very popular among our customers.


What makes your Women’s Hooded Denim Dress competitive?
We strive to provide the best quality for reasonable money. Therefore, all our products match this standard including the Women’s Hooded Denim Dress.

New products often smell. Does this one smell, too?
Judging by the experience of the previous buyers (and our own knowledge of the product manufacturing technology), we can assure you there won’t be any problems with smell from the Women’s Hooded Denim Dress.

Can I afford your Women’s Hooded Denim Dress?
If you analyze the market, you will see that the offer is tempting enough.Then, evaluate your possibilities and take the decision!

Do I need to pay any taxes?
The terms of taxation that are going to be applied to your purchase depend on your country’s legislation. However, you will be able to see the final purchase cost on the checkout page.

Don’t you mind if I post some photos of this product in my blog?
It’s totally OK to post the photo of your purchase anywhere you want. Furthermore, we’d really appreciate that!

I hope you allow your clients to leave reviews of your products.
Listening to customers is very important, so it would be great if you could post your reviews on social media!


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